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rejuWATER® is not just a sewage treatment system; it’s a testament to how nature can be harnessed to solve some of our pressing environmental issues. It combines the simplicity of nature with the necessities of modern life, proving that when we align with nature, great things can happen.

Inspired by Masaru Emoto! 

Masaru Emoto was a Japanese researcher known for his work on the effects of thoughts and emotions on water crystals. He conducted experiments where he exposed water to different emotions, words, and music and then froze the water to examine the resulting crystal formations. His work suggested that positive emotions and words could lead to more beautiful and symmetrical water crystals, while negative emotions and words could result in less structured and distorted formations.

About Riteways and rejuWATER®

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The journey at Riteways has been an evolutionary process of continual learning and adaptation. As we are now getting ready for this new phase of scaling up, we're arming ourselves not just with a product or service but with the experiences and insights that will help us adapt to new challenges and opportunities.

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Sewage Treatment Plant 
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The conventional methods of treating wastewater can be complex, expensive, and harmful. That's why rejuWATER® has adopted a different approach. By leveraging the power of nature, we have created a sustainable and efficient solution to wastewater management. Our innovative process of using sunlight, soil, and plants has been proven to be highly effective and environmentally friendly.


We are committed to working closely with our clients to provide them with a customized solution that meets their unique needs. ​RITEWAYS helps businesses and communities reduce their carbon footprint, improve their sustainability, and reduce costs.

Contact us today to learn more about our reliable wastewater treatment services.

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