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Sewage Treatment Plant for Labour Camp

Our Sewage Treatment Plant for Labour Camp is designed to handle challenging conditions with toilets without flush, high BOD load and less dilution.

It is quick to deploy and dismantleable, making it ideal for temporary camps. Recycling of treated water is easily done through the soil. It is the perfect solution for your labour camp.

pegasus training camp stp 1.jpg

Decentralized Wastewater Recycling System at Pegasus Training Camp

Pegasus is an outlying team-building facility in a difficult-to-reach area of Bangalore. Training camps are dispersed throughout this hamlet's rugged landscape. There was ample groundwater and a lake close by when they began operations here twenty years ago. However, when groundwater levels dropped over time, the lake dried up. 

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Heavy physical activity is an element of Pegasus team development programmes, and members bathe twice daily. The site generally uses a lot of water as a result. Without finding a solution to the water situation, it was practically difficult to manage site operations. The deployment of sewage recycling and reuse at this site was difficult due to the high cost of sewage conveyance, which is a need of any conventional STP technology. 

One sewage treatment facility was established by RITEWAYS for each camp toilet. There was no need for sewage conveyance. Every day, this sewage treatment facility recycles 40,000 litres of sewage for flushing and gardening purposes. It is powered by sunlight and soil. Their freshwater is being saved thanks to the extra 40,000 litres that are now available.

Bangalore International Airport

The CISF camp site at Bangalore International Airport offers a unique sewage treatment plant (STP) solution for over 4000 airport security staff. Located at the lowest point of the site, the natural STP recycles both grey and blackwater and uses the recycled water for gardening and flushing. This campsite not only keeps the environment safe and clean, but also saves a whopping 1,70,000 litres of freshwater every day


This self sustaining sewage treatment plant uses photosynthesis and respiration to rejuvenate wastewater with no need for a full time operator.

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