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STP for Schools, Colleges & Hostels

Our STP for Schools, Colleges & Hostels is the perfect solution for setting the right example for future citizens and decision makers.

This self sustaining sewage treatment plant uses photosynthesis and respiration to rejuvenate wastewater with no need for a full time operator.

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It is the ideal solution for educational institutions, helping to ensure a healthy and sustainable future.


rejuvenated water from rejuWATER® STP

Adhyapana School


RITEWAYS' scope of work at the Adhyapana site included providing them with a turnkey solution for recycling and reuse of wastewater generated at all locations within the campus.


Adhyapana site helps us in making people visualize what we profess, this site has made our work easier.


We are working on reaching out to other schools, nongovernment, and charity organizations to sensitize them through this site and install such units in low-income group communities.

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STP for Hostel at NACIN

Griha 5 star rated green campus

The National Academy of Customs, Indirect Taxes and Narcotics (NACIN) is home to a lush green campus with a training centre and hostel facility. Training sessions at NACIN happen in batches, with heavy load during the training sessions and very low load when no training is occurring. This creates a very difficult situation for any sewage treatment plant (STP) to handle, but the rejuWATER® STP has been consistently performing with full compliance for the last 6+ years, providing the driving force behind this lush campus.

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