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soak pits near a hostel block in a residential school

At Riteways, we specialize in converting soak pits to sewage treatment plants (STP) in schools. Sewage treatment plants (STPs) are usually located at the lowest corner of a school campus to allow gravity flow of sewage. A sewage conveyance system is expensive. Our innovative rejuWATER® design saves a lot of money by converting existing soak pits to raw sewage holding tanks, which helps avoid expensive sewage conveyance.

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Convert Soak Pits to Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), at Schools

the proposed centralized sewage treatment plant location

A 1HP raw sewage cutter pump was lowered in to the last soak pit which pumps the water to our Buffer tank and from where the water enters in to the rejuWATER® STP.

They chose us because we eliminated the need for a centralized sewage system, which saved our customer ~₹15 to 20 lakhs in sewage conveyance costs.


Instead of building one single STP at the above mentioned location, we built multiple STPs right next to the their soak pits.

why they chose us?

decentralized rejuwater STP located near the soak pits

The soakpits were cemented to make them leakproof and then all the soak pits were interconnected. This way we avoided building a raw sewage collection tank saving them ~₹ 15 Lakhs.

submersible sewage cutter pump in one of their soak pits

Schools, especially residential ones, generate a significant amount of wastewater. This includes wastewater from toilets, bathrooms, kitchens, and sometimes even laboratories. Soaking wastewater into the ground leads to groundwater pollution, and the risk of spreading disease due to use of polluted ground water through borewell extraction and use as fresh water.

rejuwater stp at a residential school in bengaluru

Due to the increasing awareness of sustainability and water crisis and the tightening of compliance regulations, schools are now required to install sewage treatment plants. Residential properties especially have an immediate responsibility to install one as soon as possible.

One of the biggest challenges facing the school is the cost of building and operating the STP.

As far as the manufacturer of an STP is concerned, an STP for a school or college can be quite challenging, since there is no load when students are on vacation (the bacteria population in the STP decreases quite steeply) and the STP is fully loaded after the students return after holidays at a low bacterial population.

A big round of applause to Adhyapana School for its stellar efforts in water conservation and management. By winning the National Jal Prahari Award, the school has set a benchmark for others to follow.

Our Client, Adhyapana School wins the prestigious Jal Prahari Award
adhyapana school wins jal prahari award

Frequent emptying of soak pits and rebuilding new ones is a futile and unnecessarily high expenditure without any return. We can turnaround this situation in to a very profitable one along with the joy of being an environment friendly school.

collage of rejuwater stp work done at a residential school

In places with its water scarcity issues, the need for wastewater recycling is even more paramount. An efficient STP like rejuWATER® can help schools recycle their wastewater, reducing their freshwater consumption, and ensuring a more sustainable water management system.

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