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Our Sewage Treatment Plant user Adhyapana School wins the prestigious National Jal Prahari Award

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

April, 2023

Congratulations to Adhyapana CBSE School in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, for winning the prestigious National Jal Prahari Award from the Ministry of Jal Shakti, Government of India!

heartiest congratulations to Adhyapana School for winning the pretigious national Jal Prahari award

Stellar efforts in water conservation and management by Adhyapana School, Madurai has set a benchmark for others to follow. Let's dive deep into the school's journey with rejuWATER® sewage treatment plant and its exceptional initiatives.

Adhyapana School's Remarkable Water Initiatives

Madurai's Adhyapana School, since its inception in 2009, has taken numerous steps towards the conservation and sustainable management of water. Their commitment to these initiatives has been evident, not just through the awards they've received but also through the tangible changes they've brought to the local environment. Let's explore these initiatives in detail:

1. Comprehensive Water Management

One can't help but be amazed at the holistic approach Adhyapana School has taken. From tracking water movement to waste water recycling, they've addressed every aspect of water conservation. Their efforts in avoiding water overflow, utilizing drip-irrigation techniques, and promoting water harvesting can serve as an inspiration for homes, institutions, and large communities alike. The school's method of enhancing green cover using an efficient drip irrigation system is commendable.

2. Spreading Awareness through Display Boards

A small yet impactful initiative is the placement of display boards around the school. By doing this, they've ensured that the importance of water management stays fresh in the minds of students. Knowledge combined with visuals can be quite powerful in driving home a point.

3. National Recognitions

The school’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. Beyond the Jal Prahari Award, their water recycling plant, which treats sewage for reuse, bagged them the Cleanest, Greenest School Award from the Madurai Municipal Corporation. They've also been honored with the National Green School Award from 2019 to 2022. These accolades are a testament to the school’s commitment to the environment.

4. Water Action Plan

Adhyapana School has demonstrated clear foresight by setting up a well-defined water action plan. They have incorporated sustainable and cost-effective solutions like wastewater treatment plants, drip-irrigation systems, and rain-water harvesting methodologies. The school has made sure these systems are season-friendly, adaptable, and autonomous.

5. Student Engagement

By involving students in various projects, the school ensures that the next generation is not only aware of the importance of water conservation but is also equipped with the know-how to carry forward these practices. Their decision to publish a book on the rivers of India and involve students in this project reflects their commitment to holistic education.

6. Rain/Roof Top Water Harvesting

Harvesting rainwater has twofold benefits. Firstly, it augments groundwater levels. Secondly, the collected water can be used directly during periods of water scarcity. With over 2,700 sq.m of rooftop area, the school can collect significant amounts of rainwater, thus reducing dependence on other sources.

7. Wastewater Treatment

The zero water waste system followed by Adhyapana School is revolutionary. They've ensured that wastewater is treated and recycled efficiently. The whole process, from screening sewage to aeration, filtering, and chlorination, ensures that the treated water can be reused for various non-potable purposes. The utilization of dried sludge as manure is an example of their sustainable approach.

8. Tackling Groundwater Depletion with Wastewater Recycling

Madurai's depleting groundwater levels make wastewater recycling even more crucial. By partnering with RITEWAYS and implementing the rejuWATER® technology, the school has set up a decentralized sewage treatment system, effectively recycling 20,000 liters of sewage every day.

Adhyapana School's Revolutionary Step

Based on a report from RITEWAYS, a company known for its innovative environmental solutions, Adhyapana School made a commendable decision. They adopted the rejuWATER® technology for wastewater recycling.

Here’s the cool bit: the school already had two large septic tanks in place. These tanks were easily repurposed into raw sewage collection tanks. Instead of constructing an entirely new structure, they cleverly used what they had.

RITEWAYS took charge and set up a decentralized sewage treatment system for each of these tanks. What's 'decentralized', you ask? Well, instead of having one giant plant that treats all the wastewater of a big area, decentralized systems handle waste locally. Each septic tank got its own little treatment plant. This not only saves costs but also makes the process more efficient.

And the cherry on top? This system runs on sunlight and soil. That's right. No chemicals. No huge electric bills. Just nature doing its thing. Each of these treatment plants now churns out 10,000 liters of recycled water every day. That's 20,000 liters daily for the entire school site!

Wrapping Up

In an era where every drop counts, Adhyapana School's move is both inspiring and vital. Not only does it ensure they make the most out of the water they use, but it also sets a fantastic example for other institutions.

For anyone reading this, whether you're based in Bengaluru or anywhere else around the world, remember: every effort counts. It's not just about the big corporations or governments making changes; it's about communities, schools, and individuals making a difference.

Today, Adhyapana School has shown us the way. Tomorrow, it could be your turn. Water is life, and with innovations like these, we ensure that life thrives. Cheers to a future where every drop truly counts!

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