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Welcome to Riteways:
Your Way to Safe and Sustainable Sewage Treatment Solutions.


Riteways is a leading manufacturer of natural sewage treatment plants, committed to sustainable solutions for wastewater management.

rejuWATER®  STP Module

The rejuWATER STP Module is an innovative circular design solution for sewage treatment plants. It is capable of recycling both greywater and blackwater, making it a great option for wastewater management. This module is designed to be highly efficient, providing optimal performance in any wastewater treatment system. It is also easy to install, making it a great choice for both residential and commercial applications.

Sunlight and Soil enable Photosynthesis & Respiration

rejuwater module graphic.webp

O₂ addition using plants

upcycled IBC tanks used as STP modules

Nitrogen & Phosphorus removal through Soil

Our proprietary rejuWATER® technology utilizes sunlight and soil to naturally and effectively clean, rejuvenate and recycle wastewater to hold life again.

rejuwater module-webp 1.webp

This groundbreaking technology has been crafted and curated over two decades and has made us a leader in the industry.

We are proud to offer an eco-friendly, cost-effective, and sustainable infrastructure solution that can be tailored to meet our client’s needs. Our solutions are designed to help restore the balance of our environment.





Product Life:




Varying & low

Consistent & High

Energy consumption:




Very High



Long time

Short time


Typical high noise

No noise


High foul odour 


Modular design:

Possible in some


Full time operator:

3 shifts, skilled

only day shift

*Extended Aeration, MBBR, FBR, SBR, MBR, SAFF, Electrolytic, etc..

Location Options

rooftop stp installation.webp
mid-air stp installation.webp
stp along boundary wall 1.webp
On Roof Top

Sewage treatment plants may be installed on rooftops in heavily congested areas. Pumping of raw sewage is necessary and advisable for buildings with fewer than 3 floors.

Mid Air

For buildings exceeding three floors in height, rejuWATER® modules can be installed on a customized fabricated structure located in a sunlit alley or car park.

On Land

Our STPs can be integrated into the garden area of projects, including along its boundaries. This provides a seamless and attractive appearance in outdoor spaces.

Installation Options

integrate with septic tank1.webp
retrofit existing stp 1.webp
restore lakes with rejuwater stp 1.webp

Our rejuWATER® modules can be integrated into existing Soak Pits or Septic Tanks where they already exist.


High-cost, outdated STPs can be retrofitted with rejuWATER® modules, all STP machinery can be shutdown.


It is possible to rejuvenate water bodies in a timely and cost-effective manner. Great tool for lake restoration.


rejuWATER® is very useful for individual homes, apartments, gated communities, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, parks, offices, malls, airports, train stations, bus depots, petrol pumps, industries, and many other private and public areas.


some of our Prestigious clients,

Bangalore International Airport

National Academy of Customs, Indirect taxes & Narcotics (NACIN)

Larsen & Toubro

Indian Oil

Adhyapana School

Adhyapana School receives national  "Jal Prahari Award" 2023
NACIN gets  "GRIHA 5 Star" rating
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