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Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant: rejuWATER®

For the average homeowner, the idea of treating wastewater might sound complex, but it doesn’t have to be! With solutions like the Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant from rejuWATER®, anyone with a bit of assistance from a plumber and electrician can set up their own wastewater treatment system.

But before we get into the technicalities, let’s break down wastewater treatment for the common person.

1. What is Wastewater?

Simply put, wastewater is the water that has been used. This could be from our homes, factories, or even stormwater runoff. If you've ever wondered where the water goes after you flush or after the rain, well, that's wastewater.

2. Why Treat Wastewater?

Do we just let the used water go? No! We need to treat it. Here's why:
Health: Untreated water can carry diseases. If we recycle it correctly, we can prevent these diseases.
Environment: Directly discharging wastewater can harm aquatic life and can lead to pollution.
Resource Management: Water is a limited resource. Recycling wastewater means we use less fresh water.

Rooftop STPs for Homes

collage rooftp stp

At Riteways, we understand the importance of wastewater treatment and recycling. We provide innovative and sustainable solutions for domestic sewage treatment, ensuring a cleaner and safer environment for your home and surroundings.


Our team of experts are dedicated to creating systems that are not only effective, but also user-friendly and easy to maintain. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, we strive to provide you with the best possible service.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you manage your wastewater efficiently and sustainably.

Greywater recycling at Pradeep Krishnamuthy's home using rejuWATER®

At Riteways, we are dedicated to promoting sustainable living through our innovative and effective greywater recycling systems. Take a cue from Pradeep Krishnamurthy, who has set an example of how to build an environmentally-conscious and sustainable home. With our revolutionary rejuWATER® wastewater recycling system, you can recycle up to 500 Litres of greywater, which can be used for toilet flushing and garden irrigation.

collage pradeep home stp

The rejuWATER® wastewater recycling system is a great way to conserve water. By recycling 500 liters of greywater per day, Pradeep is significantly reducing his water consumption. The natural water filtration system using plants is a safe and effective way to treat wastewater. The plants remove impurities from the water and make it safe for reuse.

Pradeep's lifestyle is an inspiration to us all. We can all learn from his example and take steps to live more sustainably. Join hands with us and transform your home into an eco-friendly haven with our rejuWATER® wastewater recycling system today.

rejuwater sewage recycling modules

Finally, treated water rich in dissolved oxygen and similar to fresh river water can be harvested for flushing and gardening.

The sewage treatment plant comprises of rejuWATER® module/s placed on the rooftop. These are light weight structures and can be sefely mounted on a 6" RCC slab. The bioactive soil layers bring about the desired BOD/COD reduction through bioconversion using photsysnthesis and respiration.

Rooftop Sewage Treatment Plant

Treated water out of rejuWATER STP

A biodigester can be used to pre-treat ground floor sewage, with overflow pumped to rooftop STP for bioconversion in the rejuWATER® modules.

rejuWATER BioDigester
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