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NACIN, a rejuWATER® sewage water treatment plant user gets "GRIHA 5 Star" rating

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Feb, 2022

collage nacin sewage water treatment plant being inaugurated

Inauguration of the NACIN, Bengaluru campus by Hon'ble Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley

The National Academy of Customs, Indirect Taxes and Narcotics (NACIN) is the apex institution for training civil servants in the areas of customs, indirect taxes, and narcotics control. With an aim to enhance the capabilities and performance of officials, it provides comprehensive training and imparts knowledge on the relevant laws, rules, and regulations.

The Regional Training Institute of NACIN bengaluru was established in 2002 with an objective to impart training to Grade B & C officers of customs, central excise and service tax posted in the state of Karnataka and Kerala.

2012: proposal sent to Ministry for reconstructing the new campus.

2014: Work awarded to NBCC. TERI suggested to use green STP and Composter at this

site. Riteways was approached for the same.

15-09-2016: NACIN occupis the new campus.

29-05-2017: Inauguration of the campus Hon'ble Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley

This campus has been constructed in line with the Swachh Bharat theme and motto of "Zero Garbage Zone." This campus is a GRIHA 5 Star rated green building.

GRIHA, which stands for Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment, is India's national rating system for green buildings. Developed by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) and supported by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, GRIHA evaluates the environmental performance of a building holistically over its lifecycle, considering a multitude of parameters like energy efficiency, water efficiency, waste management, and more.

The rating system comprises a set of 34 criteria categorized under various sections such as site selection, design strategies, energy consumption, water usage, and more. Buildings are rated on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, with a 5 Star rating being the highest achievement, indicating that the building meets exceptional standards of sustainability and green practices.

Now, coming to NACIN Bengaluru's GRIHA 5 Star rated green campus:

Energy Efficiency: The campus incorporates numerous energy-efficient technologies, including LED lighting, efficient HVAC systems, and solar panels. The use of such technologies not only conserves energy but also reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Water Conservation: Reflecting your passion for wastewater recycling, Neeraj, the campus utilizes wastewater recycling systems. Rainwater harvesting systems are in place, ensuring that rainwater is collected and used optimally.

Sustainable Architecture: The architectural design of the campus is in harmony with nature. The buildings are oriented and designed in a manner that takes advantage of natural sunlight, thus reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day.

Waste Management: Waste generated in the campus is effectively managed through segregation at source, recycling, and composting. Composting, as you're well aware, turns organic waste into rich compost, which can then be used for landscaping and gardening.

Green Spaces: Greenery is an integral part of the campus. With landscaped gardens, tree-lined pathways, and green roofs, the campus offers a serene environment, contributing to the overall well-being of its inhabitants.

Material Selection: The materials used in the construction of the campus are sustainable and locally sourced, reducing the environmental footprint associated with transportation.

Indoor Environment Quality: Ensuring the health and well-being of its occupants, the campus focuses on providing a high-quality indoor environment. This includes good ventilation, the use of low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) materials, and ample natural light.

Project rejuWATER® Soil Bio-Filtration Based STP (sewage water treatment plant):

In order to manage the sewage generated at the new NACIN, Bengaluru campus which has built up area of around 1.35 lakh sq ft with the professional guidance of TERI (The Energy & Resources Institute of India), a Soil BioFiltration type STP (rejuWATER® brand) has been installed by Riteways and being utilized. Soil BioFiltration is a mathod of revitalization of sewage by harnessing ecological processes to bring about natural rejevenation. This palnt has following advantages,

  • Doesn't require electricity of machinery unlike the conventional electromechanical STP.

  • Efficiency improves over time.

  • No sludge is generated.

  • Gets connected to existing Septic Tank.

  • Advanced wastewater treatement.


In essence, NACIN Bengaluru's "GRIHA 5 Star" rated green campus stands as a testament to the possibility of integrating modern infrastructure with sustainable practices. It's an exemplary model for other institutions and organizations looking to adopt green building principles, this campus can serve as a case study to showcase the balance between developmental needs and environmental responsibility.

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